A boy and woman standing in tall grass near water

Our Purpose

Raising money and distributing grants that will change people’s lives wherever FatFace goes. Engaging our local communities, chosen charity partners, crew and customers alike by providing them the chance to get actively involved and make a real difference to people around us and in our communities.

What are our short-term goals?

The Foundation’s 10th anniversary is in 2019 which means 10 years of changing lives wherever FatFace goes. We have helped a lot of people and made a lot of great partnerships along the way.

In the next three years we have decided to focus on three areas with our partners:

  1. Health and well being
  2. Life below water
  3. Life on land Each of our partners specialise in supporting at least one of these three areas and the Foundation will work closely with them to achieve a range of outcomes from helping individuals reach their potential through to helping clean up our planet.

The FatFace Foundation are excited for what is to come in the years ahead and continuing our partnerships to make sure that wherever we go we are helping people in communities where we source, manufacture, retail and distribute our products.

Following on from our success in raising £1 million since 2009, we aim to help even more people in the future. We have devised a three-year plan focused on achieving six goals. It’s a bold target, but with your help and support, we know we’ll smash it.